Zero Carbon Licence


“According to latest figures from the United Nations, animal farming globally causes more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, lorries and planes in the world put together, and the impact is increasing. This is partly due to methane gas from the digestive systems of ruminants (cows and sheep burping), but also due to large areas of forest being cleared to grow grain and beans for livestock (including cows, pigs and chickens) to eat.” (source, 16.06.2010)

images: Mike Davidson

images: Ben Jones & Stéfanie Bourne

Stars: Strathniver Bambi (As a youngster was placed in several show) and Strathniver Bramble (1st at Granman Show and placed in several shows) and Baby.

Farmers: Wendy and Graham Willow, Hawthorn Brae, St Katherine, Inverurie.

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Photoshoot on sunday 13th, start at 8am at Tesco, Huntly.


4 Responses to Zero Carbon Licence

  1. Cows fart are producing too much Carbon Gas Emission.

  2. Giving up meat is not a solution- it would make only a marginal difference to greenhouse gas emission. We face the global challenge of feeding a growing world population using a fixed land resource while reducing inputs such as water, fertiliser and fuel and limited greenhouse gases. Meat is part of that balance.
    (…) About 60% of UK farmland is best suited to growing grass. Ploughing grassland to grow crops would result in loss of carbon sequestred in soil. Grazing animals, cows or sheep, are the best way to use this land resource to produce a food suitable for people.
    Professor Ian Crute, Chief Scientist, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, The Crofter, November 2009

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