Feeding the ground

2nd of October 2010: Red Herring’s end of the Journey.

Location: Huntly’s Square

Host: Huntly’s Farmers Market

Duration: 9am-12pm

Action: Compost dispensary



2 Responses to Feeding the ground

  1. Ben Jones says:

    Windsor recycling reward scheme adopted by government


  2. “A “Best Diet” that serves both health and the environment is one that combines all four criteria (healthy, vegetarian, local,
    organic) and can reduce the Scottish food footprint by around 40%. Introducing such a diet in all meals provided by public services would reduce Scotland’s footprint, enhance healthy eating at those venues, and create a demand for local and fresh foods.

    Suggesting that at the community level we think as a collective and not as an individual, believing that a greater good will prevail. Individuals working together do not feel that their contribution to a more sustainable lifestyle is worthless. The community acts to define acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

    During these meetings the group discusses personal experiences, ideas and achievements related to environmental household behaviour. They share different ways to reduce their use of electricity, gas and water as well as decrease
    the amount of rubbish they throw away.

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