Red Herring

Invited by Deveron Arts to carry out an artwork concerning food mileage, Stéfanie Bourne will study the different stratums of understanding in relation to carbon emissions and its affects on our daily lives.

Red Herring is an immersive artistic method and process that addresses Carbon Emission issues through Huntly’s community habits and behaviors. It is a participatory process to build the art work in a collective dynamic with a communal interest. Call for mobilisation has to clearly indicate the benefit for each party concerned and provide a clear visibility to the work.

An institution running a programme “Town is the Venue” / an artist residency out of town: I was keen on installing a working relationship with Deveron Arts, an institution working within the same town for over 10 years and with the specificity of working with the community. I rely on its experience and knowledge to implement new ways of approaching and involving a community: implementing an immersive dis-located artistic process lead by a local institution.

Reaching a community: In order to implement Red Herring and to place the debate into Huntly’s habits and behaviours, I undertook different actions to be run at a distance:

1. June-October 2010: I proposed a swapping shop to local gardeners that would be run by Huntly’s gardeners supplying and swapping their surplus of production. The idea moved from the shop in Bogie Street (The Empty shop), to a “Flash veg parties”, to finally taking place in a stall on Huntly’s square.

2. 29th July / 26th august 2010: I proposed two Red Herring’s Pampered Chef evening, encouraging two different activities, from two different social backgrounds, to cook and taste locally sourced vegetables.

3. 2nd october 2010: as part of the monthly local Farmers’ Market, I proposed a Compost Dispensary inviting the community for a recycled containers parade for the collect of free compost.

Communicating an artistic immersive and dis-located oral process: Red Herring consists of installing live devices in Huntly’s everyday life that generate discussion and community’s participation. As part of the dis-located immersion, I intended a series of 4 photos that would illustrate the process of my understanding of Huntly’s context and therefore Red Herring’s approach of carbon emission related to food.

June 2010: Zero Carbon Licence

June 2010: Greenhouse Gas Emission

September 2010: The King of GHG Kingdom

October 2010: Feeding the ground (recycled containers parade)

Curious of habits and manners of going about life, Red Herring will eventually ask people about listing the possible outcome. eg: what would be the pleasant/unpleasant about food miles. Red Herring would like to find the link between the broader issue and individual behaviour particular to Huntly. // stéfanie bourne – 30 august 2010


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