Stéfanie Bourne

Réguler, 2010, Rennes

Commissionned by “Ce Qui Vient”, Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Commissaire Raphaële Jeune. Partnership with Keolis-Rennes, Toyota-Pelvé & Clear Channel.

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Photos © Stephanie Priou / Ville de Rennes

Working on the informal, relational, and oral aspects of art, Stéfanie Bourne integrates for each of her projects a group of already constituted persons.

Bourne’s multidisciplinary approach explores the nature of the work of art in the public space and puts forward this interaction as the basis for her work. Immersion and investigation results in a discursive work of mainly oral forms revealed in the public space.

Invited by Deveron Arts to carry out a project in food mileage, Stéfanie Bourne studies the different stratums of understandings – oral, written, visual, public, private, collective, and individual.

To identify these, she is developing a fictional trip, using virtual networks such as Skype, Facebook, blogs, and Second Life, to investigate a real collective understanding of carbon footprints and food mileage. This collection is organized through a series of photo shoot events that will record the public understanding of this issue.


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