Zero Carbon Licence

May 2010

Understanding the implications of food mileage can be realised by following a product through its distribution process; from the choice of material, packaging, manufacturing, processing route and method of distribution. Each of these stages contributes to the footprint of Carbon emission for each product, and therefore constitutes the mileage undertaken by this product.

I am investigating the individual decision making process and addressing the billions of acts we are doing in our everyday lives that have an impact on the evolution of the system in place for food distribution. Social norms are slowing down individual’s behaviour in taking up major changes.

Reducing food mileage, and therefore carbon emission, is down to our everyday acts and ways of going about food.

Excess, let’s explore with RED HERRING our excessive carbon emission towards a Carbon Zero Licence (CZL). Food mileage will never be the same.

Zero Carbon License, June 2010 (Photo: Mike Davidson)

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One Response to Zero Carbon Licence

  1. Well, the only time I really think about it is when I am offered wine which comes from the other side of the world. Everybody who knows me knows that I do drink a reasonable amount of wine. Hence I decided a while ago to only buy wine from Italy or France or Spain or elsewhere in Europe where wine making has hundreds and thousand’s of year tradition.

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